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Dr. Arvind Narasimhan

Dr. Arvind Narasimhan is an Urgent Care doctor who focuses on providing immediate care.

Dr. Narasimhan is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. He has been practicing Medicine in Emergency Rooms for over 10 years after graduating Top 10 from University of Michigan Medical School. He also has received multiple awards from the Washington DC Government for outstanding work in the practice of Trauma Medicine. When Dr. Narasimhan isn’t practicing Urgent Care or working in the Emergency Room, he enjoys Golf and watching College Basketball.

Dr Sarah Zaheer
Dr. Sarah Zaheer

Board Certified in Family Practice. Dr. Zaheer sees patients ages 3 and up, and has an interest in Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Zaheer completed her Residency at the  University of Oklahoma. Previously Dr. Zaheer served as Medical Director of Al-Shifa Clinic and Family Physician at University of Texas Health in Dallas Texas, before moving to Ellicott City.