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Archive for August 2019

How Much Time, and Money, Does Having the Flu Cost?

Although getting sick with the flu may not feel like a big deal right now, your opinion might change once you actually come down with the illness. Not only are the symptoms very uncomfortable, but they can take you out of your normal routine for days or even a full week. This can affect your productivity at work or school, and you can also lose money on treatment. Here’s what you should expect if you come down with the flu. 

The flu lasts one to two weeks

While many people hope to head back to work or school after a day or two, the truth is that the flu lasts for one to two weeks for most people. In severe cases, it can last even longer than that. Not only are you missing out on important work and school, but during that entire time, you’ll need to spend extra money on products from the drugstore to stay healthy, and you may need to pay for medical treatment as well. 

You may need to use sick days to miss work

When you come down with the flu, call out of work since the virus so contagious. However, this means you’ll need to tap into your sick or personal days to make sure you still get paid. If your company doesn’t offer sick days, you will actually lose money by missing work, which can be devastating. 

Kids may need make-up days from school

If your child gets sick with the flu, chances are they will miss a lot of important learning at school. They may come back and find they are far behind their peers and need to do make-up assignments to catch up. In some cases, if you miss enough school, you’ll need to take extra make-up days on weekends or holidays. 

Getting a flu shot prevents the flu

To avoid missing out on work or school, make sure you get a flu shot during flu season. Flu shots are easy to get through your local urgent care center, clinic, or pharmacy, and are available at affordable pricing. They are particularly important for kids going to school or adults who work in large offices, where illnesses spread quickly. 

Now is the perfect time to get a flu shot, before fall hits and flu season picks up. Visit your local clinic today, and you can make sure that you don’t lose valuable time and money to the flu this year. 

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What are some benefits of back-to-school physicals for my child?

With the school year fast approaching, it’s time to make sure your child gets their annual physical. Not only do many schools require children to get a physical exam, but these exams help address medical concerns and lower overall stress during the year. Here are some of primary benefits of scheduling a back to school physical for your child. 

Preventative Care

Getting preventative care as your child develops can help prevent health problems later on in life. Your child’s doctor will get to know you both so they can give relevant care and advice, given your lifestyles. Your pediatrician will also perform a variety of routine tests, which helps them catch any problems as early as possible. 

Development Checks

It’s important that your child is growing and developing at a rate that is appropriate given their age and gender. Your annual physical is an ideal time to check in on this and make sure that your child is on track for a long, healthy life. If there are any concerns, your doctor can address this by prescribing medication and recommending further treatment. By catching problems early, you can take care of them quickly, ensuring a more productive learning environment for your child. 

Medical Vaccinations and Health Review

Your child must get their vaccinations every year to prevent the spread of diseases. Since your child is going to be near so many other kids for most of their day, preventing the spread of illness should be a big concern. Your doctor will do a comprehensive review of your child’s entire health, which can help both of you stay informed as you head into the new semester. 

Helps School Staff to Prevent Medical Issues

When your children are at school, their teachers and other school staff are responsible for keeping them safe. After a physical, you can bring your child’s medical information directly to their school, and inform them about the best ways to handle any medical conditions. The exam is also used to help them effectively handle any injuries or illnesses that might come up. Close communication between parents, kids, and school staff is crucial to a safe and healthy environment at school. 

If school is fast approaching and you are unsure of where to get a physical, consider visiting your local urgent care center. They provide affordable and comprehensive physicals, and they are also very accessible, particularly if you don’t have much time to get a physical done. 

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