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Archive for April 2018

Spring Allergies: What You Need To Watch Out For

Seasonal allergies are triggered by a number of factors, and it is always advisable to take precaution early enough to avoid some of the adverse consequences they tow along. Spring is a season of transition from the long dull winters experienced by Americans to the promise of blue skies and warmer temperatures in weeks to come. Many people in the United States who suffer from seasonal allergies may not have much to celebrate during this period, and that is if they are not lucky enough to become victims of the same.
The allergy comes with some very obvious symptoms, and they range from troubled breathing, sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes around this time of the year.
It is important to understand its causes so that we have a proper vantage point from which to counter the condition. First of all, it is important to know the dust particles and pollen in the air play a big role in bringing about the allergies. The reason is that a concentration of these two in the air makes the body to react and produce histamines, chemicals responsible for attacking these particles. Once the chemical is in the bloodstream, it triggers the allergies aforementioned and thus causing the symptoms to the unlucky victims.
While this might seem a nightmare to many, it is more of a reality, but the good news is it can be contained.
There are several ways that researchers have proven to naturally counter these effects, and they include, but not limited to:

There is not much to say about this, but there are examples of foods that need to be added to the normal diet to boost your immunity. It is better to prevent than to cure and here is how you do that.
It is indeed true that they keep the doctor away, but two more in a day will do no harm. The fruit contains anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties called quercetin. This chemical lowers the amount of interleukin 6, which is basically the inflammatory cytokine responsible for allergies. With several of these in a day, your immune is boosted and has all it takes to combat the allergy.
Apart from its role in spicing your meal, it seems like the bulb goes a long way in boosting your immunity. Research shows that it helps reduce the body’s allergic response and thus protect you from any form of attacks.
Fatty fish
For these diet type, it goes without saying that your body is nourished with every meal. And this is how it contains omega-3 fatty that helps curb body inflammations. At least 2-3 meals with fatty acids in a week will go a long way in fighting the allergy, especially when they start showing up.

Once you’ve added this to your normal meal, there are things you need to get rid of, and they include:
Dairy and Sugar.
Ranging from butter, cheese, eggs and sugary foods, they are a must drop, as they tamper with the immune system greatly. You should, however, try some supplements like Probiotics and essential oils for allergy reliefs. Probiotics help boost your immunity and enhance the body’s defense against foreign substances. And adherence to this removes all the worries you might be having about your health in spring, and you can now look up to summer positively.

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4 Simple Seasonal Allergies Home Remedy

It is a common problem that we encounter at some points in a year where we spend most of our finances trying to obtain medicines to help us control or treat ourselves from a health issue associated with that particular season of the year. It could come in many forms such as itchy eyes, watery eyes, sore throat, persistent cough, chest tightening, running nose, difficulty in breathing and sometimes rashes. Most of these reactions are often noticed during the beginning of spring when our green environment is replenished. These abnormal reactions we get are known as seasonal allergies and I bet you can understand how unpleasant the experience can be. Here, we have compiled a list of four powerful ways to keep yourself and your family free from the awful experience of seasonal allergies all season round. These are some simple home remedies and what we need are natural things we use in our homes on daily basis, no more spending on pharmaceutical products, just follow the simple tips and say goodbye to the irritating seasonal allergies.

Four things to do in order to prevent seasonal allergies:


To get natural antihistamine and its accompanying benefits, this herb is a very great option, you can make tea from its dried leaves and on the same note nettle capsule can also be made available from the herbs, continuing its intake through the allergy period keeps you free unwanted allergies.


Unmixed honey is very excellent in the fight against allergy at least many people have testified to it. Just understand that too much of everything is bad, so the dosage should just be optimum, a teaspoon three times a day will go a long way to keep you free from allergy throughout the season of allergy.


It is very important to note the significance of keeping hydrated during the allergy season. More water in your system always goes a long way to keep the bodily activity smooth and steady, flushing out the effects of allergens and keeping you free from seasonal effects allergens throughout the season of the allergy. Just keep a level of more water and you will never regret the having the season come around.


The season of allergy is equally a season you may need to take extra care of your body and hygiene. Apart from your intake of natural substances that will help keep you free through the allergy period, there are other cautions you need to keep during this period that will equally give you an edge to keep living your normal life during this period rather than going down on an awful allergy. Among the caution you need to take is having a steady bathe is recommended each night; this ensures that any residual pollen on your hair or skin that can severe the effect of an allergy is washed off during bathing. Another thing is having to change your clothes to a clean one after the day’s work outside.

With these tips a successful season free of allergies is rest assured!

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Why Spring is The Best Time to Take Your Workout Outdoor

workout outdoorGoodbye snowy winter and welcome, lovely spring. It’s that time of year again, when spring’s warmth melts Maryland’s lingering snow/ice, bare trees bloom beautiful flowers and the great outdoors beckons once again. Now is the time to take your workouts outside and boost your fitness. Spring offers considerable benefits when it comes to an outdoor exercise regimen.

Push It Real Good

The outdoors has a magical way of getting people to put more effort into their workout without even recognizing it. Recent studies have provided evidence that suggests that participating in physical activity in a natural environment, may help an individual achieve a greater intensity of exercise without the perception of effort changing, partly because the outdoor environment increases enjoyment, offers social interaction and increases the frequency of physical activity.

Nature’s Refreshing Appeal

The outdoors screams natural, green, sunlight and open, which is good for both the mind and body. In spring, you can find the beautiful sounds of birds and the ocean, sights of exquisite blooms of flowers and wildlife, and calming spaces to rejuvenate the body and spirit. The Institute of Medicine contends that exposure to plants and flowers nourishes a sense of well-being, by enabling people to feel calmer and more relaxed. Spring is the season of refreshment and revival.

Natural Setting is Better than a Gym

The gym can be a dull, crowded place, and can stifle enthusiasm. Taking your workout outdoors is more enjoyable because it allows you to be more dynamic with your exercise programs and you can avoid gym equipment altogether. One review of studies comparing participation in physical activity in natural environments with physical activity indoors, confirms that participants reported greater enjoyment and positive engagement exercising outdoors.

Jazz up Your Mood

The link between outdoor exercise and mental health is a positive one that continues to be proven. Simply being in nature, you realize its calming effect; add exercise in that environment and you boost that benefit significantly. Doing your workout outdoors helps with short-term recovery from stress or mental fatigue, according to one study, and in effect, improves mood. This amounts to a natural way to lift your mood in a natural environment.

Cheaper than a Gym Membership

Some of the gym memberships out there are just too expensive. Working out outdoors saves you money because you don’t have to worry about a monthly membership fee. A better investment would be to buy a good pair of running or walking shoes or exercise mat.

Exercising in the natural environment has many wonderful benefits that a typical gym may not provide. It pushes you to work harder, leaves you feeling more refreshed, and is capable of jazzing up your mood, cost-effective and far more pleasant than the inside of a gym. Spring is the ideal time to get outdoors and sweat up a storm.


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